A Clean Slate

Ahh…A clean slate to start, yet another blog!  I’ve blogged on and off for years, but typically get bored after a while….this time instead of not blogging for a while I just decided to start a new one!  After a while there is only so much you can do to redesign your blog, especially if you gave your blog a title/blog address that is hard to design around.

Anyways, I thought “The Little Black Rain Cloud” was a cute title, as I’ve always said that I was born with a little black rain cloud over my head, as I get hit with the worst luck in the world, frequently.  I won’t bore you with the thousands of stories I’ve accumulated over the years of my back luck run-in’s, but I’m sure new incidents will pop up here and there over the span of this blog.  My most recent bout with bad luck was last weekend, when my car was making a horrid noise that scared the crap out of me so bad I quickly signed up for a AAA membership, so I had towing in case I needed it.  Well, the mechanic initially said it was the water pump coming apart and would run around $500, so I thought okay…thank god I put away my tax moola in case of an emergency, then later in the day after the mechanic had it tore apart he called with the news that it wasn’t the water pump….instead, it was the a/c compressor, so $800 later….my car is fixed & my a/c works now too, which is probably good since I’m living in sunny Florida, but I hate having to spend that much on a car repair.  Now my savings account is very sad and pathetic looking, so I’ll having to start putting what I can aside in case of an emergency because I feel a whole lot more comfortable being in an area by myself with a little cushion in the bank to fall back on if needed.
Well, enough of that for now!  There is still a lot of little things I want to add to my blog when the time allows, but weekends fly by & when I get home from work the last thing I want to do is look at my computer after staring at one for 9 hours.  So, additions, such as, tabs/links to different pages will eventually get added, but it may be a slow process.  I love to do reviews on movies & books, so I’d like a tab for those & I love to post my latest craftiness, whether it be a new painting or a DIY project that I found.  This weekend I found an awesome project to work on, but it’s time consuming and tedious, so I’ll save that sucker for another post!  
I hope to have giveaways at certain milestones along my blog journey as well, just for fun & because it makes people happy!  Plus, it’s an incentive for those of you that choose to follow my blog.  The more that follow via google on my sidebar…the faster the giveaways will come up, so spread the word!  My first goal is a giveaway at 50 followers, so send people my way!  Well, I’ve rambled on long enough for my first post, so I’ll blog at y’all later!

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